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Space Assessment

According to store the items you need to calculate how many cubic meters of storage space should use

Store location
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Wangfujing store

Address: Beijing dongcheng district wangfujing street no. 99 century building A bridge

Bus routes: 103 road, 104 road, 111 road, 127 road, 201 road night train, night train 211 road, 211 road, road, get off at the DengShiKou by 11.

Since the drive line:

Route 1: from changan avenue at dongdan crossing go straight to the north, along the dongdan north street line in DengShiKou street turn left go straight to the north;

Line 2: the second ChaoYangMen bridge went west to wangfujing street road south until DengShiKou west street intersection traffic light.